Product Reviews

Product reviews are not the bailiwick of but from time to time we run across a product or service that catches our attention and proves worthy of a blog review. Below are a few that we liked and others not so much.

The “moe rating” icon at the end of each review indicates our level of satisfaction with it-   5 tees are the best 1 tee is not very good. Please don’t interpret any of these reviews as an endorsement of the product, it is simply based on our personal experience with it.


Footjoy TechSof Sport Socks                                 moe rating 4

Golfdotz                                                                   moe rating 4

Logo Golf Chips-Poker Chip Ball Markers              moe rating 4

Super Stroke Putting Grips                                     moe rating 4

Titleist Cart Mitts                                                      moe rating 3

Game Improvement

Custom Club Fitting                                               moe rating 5

Game Golf Stat Collection                                     moe rating 1

Flightscope Flight Monitor                                      moe rating 4

iPing Putting App                                                    moe rating 3

Putting Sticks                                                         moe rating 4

SKLZ Foam Practice Balls

moe rating 4

The Walking Golfer                                                 moe rating 5

Golf Bags

Sun Mountain Club Glider Travel Bag                    moe rating 5

Sun Mountain H2No Lite Stand Bag                      moe rating 5

Golf Clubs

Mizuno MP0H4 Hybrid Long Irons                          moe rating 4

Rocketballz Metal Woods                                      moe rating 4

Golf Shoes

True Linkswear True Elements Hybrid                  moe rating 5

True Linkswear Game Changers                           moe rating 5

True Linkswear Lyt Dry                                           moe rating 5

True Linkswear Walking Shoes                              moe rating 5

Golf Retail

PGA Tour Superstore                                              moe rating 4