FootJoy TechSof Sport Socks

As men are apt to do, I made the mistake of going to the golf course yesterday and forgetting to bring a pair of socks.  Desperate to avoid cultivating fungus in my Freddies I went into the golf shop seeking an emergency pair of sport socks for the day’s walk.  In perusing the selection available I found a pair of FootJoy TechSof Sport socks that had an inordinate amount of “engineered characteristics” on the packaging, but proved to be a pure joy to my feet.

These things sell for around $10 a pair but I have to say that for those who walk all the time and worry about foot comfort, these are worth the investment.  They come in black and white and fit shoe sizes 7 to 12.

The promo copy brags the following:

-Breathable mesh inserts strategically positioned to boost ventilation
-Lycra/spandex for excellent fit, stretch, and recovery
-Dri-Lex to lift moisture and vapor off the skin keeping your socks dry
-Targeted cushioning in toe and heel areas for comfort
-Reinforced heel for added support and cushioning
-Enclosed Comfort Seam toe for advanced comfort and fit

And to my amazement all of this is true.  The mesh along the top seems to wick the heat and moisture away from your foot.  I am usually a big cotton advocate when it comes to socks and these have no cotton content but are as cool as any all cotton sport sock I have ever worn.  The lycra/spandex means the sock fits snuggly and does not ride up or down your shoe.  The cushioning in the toe and heel add noticeable comfort and definitely reduce foot fatigue during the course of the day.

Besides looking incredibly cool they had to mark the two socks “left” and “right” so you would not put them on the wrong foot and destroy the designed engineering effect.  For those of you with two left feet, these are not for you.

Apparently these come in a crew sock with similar characteristics in black, navy, and beige for about the same price.  If you spend all day on your feet these are probably worth a try as a casual day sock as well.

September, 2011

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