Titleist Cart Mitts

As the shroud of winter approaches in the northeast there are a few hardy and foolish souls who seek to extend the golf season by tolerating the wind and the cold and continuing to walk the golf course when the temperature only rises into the 40’s.

Gortex fiber filled outerwear, layers of clothing, woolie golf gloves, and knit hats are all part of the winter clothing repertoire.  But one more item-Cart Mitts-are increasingly becoming part of the winter dance.

Originally they were just bright colored oversized polar fleece mittens that made you look like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  But these things have gotten more functional in their construction and more stylish in their appearance and so take on a practicality to help you forbear the elements and still play the game well into December.

The Titleist version are very light weight with a nylon outer shell that has a wind breaking quality to it and a full acrylic polar fleece lining for warmth.  The inner chamber is very roomy and makes it easy to get your hands in and out even if you have on winter golf gloves.  There is even a secret slot that reveals an inner pocket in the palm of the mitts that will hold a hand warmer for additional warmth.

These things are pretty pricey at just over $40 a pair but they are worth it if you are serious about winter play and keeping your hands toasty  between shots.  I would suggest you can leverage the purchase price by using them for winter grilling-put one on your non-spachula hand while you are outside flipping the burgers and dogs on the patio gas grill.

They come in one stylish color combination-black with red trim, brandish the Titleist logo proudly, and are one-size-fits-all.  If you are in this small minority of crazies that continue to play golf as long as there is no snow cover you probably ought to consider getting a pair of these puppies.

November, 2012

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