Want something a bit more festive to ID your golf ball than two blue dots next to the number? Well David Poole, a British entrepreneur, has come up with a very simple and durable way to mark your ball with some of your favorite monikers.

Just cut out one, peel off the film from it’s backing, and press the film onto your clean dry ball to transfer the image permanently. Within seconds the image bonds to the skin of the ball and you are done. Additional drawing optional.

The mustache collection with some additional artistic license.

The mustache collection with some additional artistic license.

Unlike your Sharpie art this image will not degrade from normal play. It does not affect the flight or roll on the ball and is conforming with USGA and R & A rules.

Available themes include Animal Kingdom, Think Pink, Paws and Claws, Walk on the Wild Side, and many others. Most of the iconic images like smiley faces, skulls and crossbones, hot chili peppers, flags, and individual letters are there for the pickin’.

These are not unreasonably priced at about $6 a pack of 24 to 32 so they come out to about around two bits a ball if you buy them in enough quantity to mitigate the flat shipping charge.

If you are not Picasso or simply cannot stand getting the Sharpie ink on your golf glove you might check out the Golfdotz website and see if David’s clever invention will improve your golf self esteem.


September, 2013


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