SKLZ Foam Practice Balls

With the arrival of a new grandson my mind starting thinking way ahead to low impact training sessions in the back yard.  In searching about I discovered this product that turns out to be perfect for the task and way more.

These foam practice balls are “full featured” with:

  • Alignment stripes for consistent setup and alignment
  • Standard golf ball size
  • Soft foam is safe for use indoors or outdoors
  • Comes as a 12-pack

Besides all that, you can take a full wail at these suckers and they only go about 30 yard max.  Even though you are hitting a foam ball the ball flight is, unlike those airy wiffle balls you played with as a kid, surprisingly familiar as they replicate the spinning parabolic flight of a sand or pitching wedge to a T.  The stripes help with setup and alignment and make the spin imparted very evident for good feedack.  They even have a convenient cool mesh bag for storage, transport, and containment during your practice regimen.

Back to the original goal of creating a backyard Approach Practice Course (APC), it opens up great creative possibilities for the budding course architect or simply the entertaining Grandpa.  Seemingly extraneous lawn art or an inverted plastic step stool can be used to create the perfect green complex with all the tactical bells and whistles.

Double dogleg meanders between the weathered hazards…..a very Golden Age look on the opening hole


In this live loop you can see the realistic ball flight off the 3/4 swing of a 53 degree Ping SW with the drop and stop spin leaving me a little recovery from just behind Scooby Doo left.  Not being an official USGA event, the square grooves have been “grandfathered in” and are perfectly legal.

Safe for indoor and outdoor use, I imagine a plush rug and a pool table in the basement rec room would make for a nice alternative winter golf destination.

This is not a serious investment at $11.99 from a number of sources on the World Wide Web and, with Amazon Prime delivery, you could be setting up your own short game extravaganza in just a few days.  I highly recommend the investment for improving your short pitching game and nurturing the golf skills of your kids and grandkids.




4 thoughts on “SKLZ Foam Practice Balls

  1. Hi Moe,
    These foam golf balls were the reason my niece and nephew took to the game. I was staying at their house for Christmas some years ago and everyone was stuck inside watching the TV all day, and I was feeling stir-crazy. So I grabbed a wedge and started pitching some foam golf balls by brother had in his garage around the garden, like in your video.

    After a while I went back in to make a cup of tea and noticed my niece and nephew had a 7-iron in their hands and were whacking the foam balls around the place, and breaking their hearts laughing as one of them dug a bigger sod out of the lawn than the other. It continued the following day, and the day after, and next thing my brother started bringing them to the range.

    By then they were hooked, so he joined the family in the local golf club, and now my niece is playing off about a 23 handicap and won her first competition last month. And my nephew does the best Moe Norman impressions at the driving range; he totally cracks me up. So those foam balls did the trick. You can take a really good whack at them and they do fly well.

    By the way, I really enjoyed your reviews of Waterville, and of the Scottish courses along the east coast; Royal Aberdeen, Cruden Bay, and Brora. I’ve never played them but I travelled on the railway line from Inverness to Thurso one time and when I saw Brora and Golspie golf courses I nearly pulled the communication cord. What a setting.

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