True Linkswear Lyt Dry

Being a True believer for over three years it will not surprise anyone that one of their latest editions, the Lyt Dry, is a top choice of our muppet lab crew. The shoe incorporates all the features that made their previous models such a hit with us and they are really “lyt as a feather” to boot.

True Linkswear Lyt Dry stylish and comfy.

Lyt Dry is stylish and comfy.

With the adds and deducts from the True Linkswear line this one takes the position as their top-of-the-line offering at $149 a pair. Over the last two years the emphasis seems to be the $99 price point that is obviously attractive to the more youthful audience. But that price point sacrifices features like the elastic cuff under the tongue that insures a snug fit and the 2-Year Waterproof Guarantee that is important to early dew sweepers.

The Lyt Dry has it all and then a little more. The “natural motion technology” of previous Trues still provides a snug heel fit, stable base, and plenty of piggly wiggly room that “allows the toes to fan out to achieve balance and ensure comfort”. For guys with foot issues there is plenty of room for an orthotic to replace the insert and still allow the natural movement to walk and swing freely.

Lyt Eva Comfort Sole is stable and durable.

Lyt Eva Comfort Sole is stable and durable.

The new wrinkle for 2014 is the Lyt Eva Comfort Outsole which is made from a superlight material that is durable enough to withstand the rigor of walking every round.  When you open the box and pick up one of these you will not believe how light they are in your hand. Putting them to the turf in your first walking round you will be equally impressed by the stability and flexibility of a very thin outsole.

The premium leather upper on the Lyt Dry is stylish has the 360 Degree Waterproof with a 2-year guarantee. We have had an unseasonable wet spring here in the east and the toes have stayed dry in a couple of post-monsoon walks the last month.  All the Trues I have owned have had this waterproof feature and it has performed admirably as long as I have had them in service.

The colors available in this model are Black/Dark Grey, Grey/Lime, White/Salmon, and Black/Royal and can be purchased through the True Linkswear website.

Superlight Lyt Breathe with breathable mesh upper.

Superlight Lyt Breathe with breathable mesh upper.

There is an even lighter and more contemporary cousin called the Lyt Breathe that True Linkswear introduced at the same time to address the concern of those playing in extreme heat in the summer. This one weighs under 9 oz. and is their lightest shoe ever. The upper is made of a breathable mesh fabric with a sock-fit opening to cling to your foot. For me the fit was not the best but for those who are buying this type of styling in their running shoes it may makes sense. It is not waterproof but the rest of the functionality of the design is the same as the Lyt Dry. It is also a bit cheaper at $129.99.


These guys continue to innovate and expand both the functionality and look of the walking golf shoe genre. I wish more golf stores carried the full line of Trues but this is not happening in our area.  For now it was the always specious internet retail experience for fulfilling this latest True urge.

(Click to see previous True Linkswear reviews of the original walking shoes and the Chukka Boot)

May, 2014



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