Putting Sticks

Marius Golf LogoMany avid golfers are looking for teaching aides that can help them simplify and codify basic swing principles of the game.  When it comes to putting, ball position, alignment, and posture are the three elements that matter the most before you draw the putter back on any putt.  Renowned putting instructor Marius Filmalter has introduced this unique product that helps you refine all three of these for more reliable and consistent putting performance.

Marius is as good as it gets among the putting gurus out there.  The players he has worked with are a who’s who of touring professionals on the PGA, LPGA, Champions, and European Tours.  Marius brings the combination of scientific research and practical observation to touring pros, top amateurs, and folks like you and me to demystify the voodoo science of putting in simple and understandable terms.  This clever invention fits right into his practical approach to developing a repeatable putting result.

Putting Sticks 2Much like the alignment sticks I have used on the driving range to establish ball position in my stance and alignment of my feet, hips, and shoulders to the target, these right-angled hinged putting sticks gave me the same feedback.  Further, the center stick has guide holes from 7 1/2 to 10 1/2 inches from your feet to help establish the proper distance the ball should be away from your body for your given putting posture over the ball.

Marius provides clear instructions on how to use these sticks, get into a proper putting posture, and find your best ball position.  Once you have the posture and alignment, placing your ball in the optimum guide hole and putting to a real target, either in your office or on the practice green, you can establish a complete understanding of proper set up for making the smooth putting stroke that will deliver the ball to your target time and again.

Putting Sticks 1For me this magic distance was 9 ¾ inches from my feet and once I had that in my routine delivering the putter square to my intended line became a much more consistent occurrence.

Marius provides a leatherette sheath for storing the putting sticks conveniently in the side pocket of your golf bag so they are always there when you need them.  Once you establish the proper parameters for your putting arrangement this is a regular go-to device to avoid straying from best set-up positions.  These Putting Sticks have helped my putting stats and I think they can help yours as well.

You can find them for sale at the MariusGolf.com website.

May, 2016



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