Logo Golf Chips: Poker Chip Ball Markers

You are standing on the 18th green with a six footer for birdie to close out the back nine bet and win the eighteen as well.  One of your opponents, a card carrying member of the Ultra Light generation, hits his green side recovery pitch to three feet directly in your line.

He casually walks over and drops a poker chip that reads “TPC Sawgrass” in your line effectively laying you a Stymie.  He then looks up sheepishly and says “Do you need me to move this?”.  To which you respond with your most disgruntled glare, “Yeah and while your at it change it to something smaller than a coaster”.

Poker Chip Ball Markers have a full bouquet of uses.

Poker Chip Ball Markers have a full bouquet of personal and business purposes.

Poker Chip Ball Markers are sweeping across the golfing landscape like a wild fire in a Santa Ana wind.  You see them in vase next to the register in every destination golf shop you walk into.  Corporate guys are handing them out to their clients instead of business cards.  People are using them as giveaways at life cycle events of addicted golfers.   They are fast replacing logo golf balls and divot repair tools as the go to golf collectable to display in the man cave or on the office credenza.

Mike Blake of Logo Golf Chips invented them in 2006 and he now sells them to golf shops all over the world.  They are authentic to the casino chips, 11.5 grams, 1 9/16 inches in diameter, custom printed on both sides.  They come in a full array of festive color combinations to compliment any marketing intention.  When you buy them in bulk the price is an increment of logo golf balls.  Given to a client they are much more likely to remain in their possession for a long time rather than end up in a watery grave on the next par three.

In the genre of golf collectables these things are quite cool.  For guys with failing eyesight they are much easier to relocate on the green than a dime after you wipe the schmootz off your Bridgestone.  A collection of them around your office can lead to some travel bragging with the coworkers or simply opportunities for personal athletic reminiscence.

Just show a little discretion when you throw one down on the green so as not to create a fraternal incident.

October, 2013

(if you decide to go and make a purchase from Logo Golf Chips use the Code Name “MoeGolf” and get 25 bonus chips for free as a moegolf.net reader)


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