Sun Mountain Club Glider Travel Bag

A number of years ago The Golf Channel ran a reality show featuring innovations in golf related products. Most of what was featured was frivolous or impractical. But one of the products, the Club Glider, was truly innovative and offered an alternative to the wrestling match people experience in airports with their golf club travel bag . The Club Glider became a bona fide product as a result and is now marketed through Sun Mountain.

What distinguishes this travel bag from all others is that it has a spring loaded, cantilever leg system with caster wheels that support your clubs and make maneuvering around the airport an effortless experience. The retractable legs are stowed away while your clubs are in transit and can be deployed with one hand as you pull your bag off the baggage carousel.

How many times have you trudged a sagging travel bag through the airport like Sisyphus only to have it flip over like an uncooperative bag of mulch when you make the slightest change in direction? How aggravating is it to get on or off the escalator because your travel bag has no spine and seems to collapse in a lump at an inopportune moment?

The Club Glider removes the need to support your bag at any time and allows you to guide your clubs with one hand as you make your way up the line at the check in or car rental counter. The support angle created by the legs means no need to bend over and lift your bag every time you want to move a few feet. The caster wheels let you effortlessly maneuver with one hand through tight spaces without changing speeds.

The bag comes in three models and is priced at around $230 to $300. At prices like these they made sure this thing has reinforced construction and is fully padded to protect your stuff with plenty of extra storage for shoes, balls, and even your returning laundry. They say you can even put up to a 50 inch belly putter safely in the bag.

The Club Glider may sound pricey but I must say it is worth every cent of it. The first time you see the rest of the guys at the baggage carousel doing the alligator mambo with their canvas travel bag you will realize this was money well spent.

(Click here to see it at the Sun Mountain Club Glider website)

October, 2011

1 thought on “Sun Mountain Club Glider Travel Bag

  1. Wife and I spent two weeks traveling with our sticks from DC to Hawaii. Five airports and four car rental buses later we sure were glad to have our Club Gliders assisting. Reduced our travel anxiety considerably. These things are well worth the investment.

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