Quotes and Grins

Our game lends itself to thoughtful pondering and soul searching….which ultimately leads to some entertaining reflections on it’s unique ability to expose our strengths and weaknesses.  Below is a collection of some of them that span the ages.

Ian Andrew

Blind Shots

Max Behr

The Future Was Then


Managing Intention

Tommy Bolt

Bad Temperament

Jack Burke Jr.


Norman Chad

Quiet Please

Henry Chellew

The Golf Soul

Alistair Cooke

Golf Companionship

How A Senior Must Prepare For Golf

Scottish Caddies

Paul Daley

Playing The Links

Bernard Darwin

Even On A Bad Day

New Year’s Resolution

Peter Dobereiner

Ahoy There!

Irish Greens

David Feherty

Wine Influence

Church Pews

Rory and Tiger

Taking No Prisoners

Dow Finsterwald

Sex Appeal

Stephen Goodwin

Minimalist Design

Lou Graham

Stop Making Sense

Hord Hardin

Natural Selection

Frank Hannigan

Silver Spoons

Arnold Haultain

Smelling The Roses

Swing Management

J.J. Henry

Tough Love

Robert Hunter

The Maddening Difficulty Of It

Dan Jenkins

On The Money

The Devoted Golfer

A Wise Man Said

Lytham On The Midway

Bobby Jones


Play The Ball Where It Lies

Rewarding Good Shots

Rudyard Kipling

Why Golf Is Art

Bo Links

Ground Tells The Truth

Posting A Number

John Low

Parent Shots

No Two Snowflakes Are Alike

Charles Blair Macdonald

Mastering The Game

Graeme McDowell

Clear Thinking

Randall Mell

Walking The Plank

Michael Murphy

Clean Up In Aisle 2

Moe Norman

Competitive Attitude

Geoff Ogilvy

Open vs Open

David Owen


Golfer As A Sniper

Harvey Penick

Kids and Carts

New Equipment

The Sexes

Rick Reilly

Home Course

Grantland Rice

Golf’s DNA

Pat Ruddy

Picking Your Tees

Doug Sanders

Money Management

Sir Walter Simpson

Mindset For Golf

George Thomas

Muni Respect

Peter Thomson


Albert Tillinghast

Design Theory

Walter J. Travis

Dogs And Fleas

Lee Trevino

Golf As Profession

The Wrong Culprit

Kris Tschetter

Playing The Big Stage

Robert Tufts

Creed Of The Amateur

John Updike

Autumn In New England

December Golf

My Innermost Swing Thoughts

Golf Camaraderie

Golf As Theatre


The Moment

Taking Gimmes

Ken Venturi

Moon Shot

George Waters

A Thoughtful Challenge

Tom Watson

Lure of the Links

P.G. Wodehouse


Your Usual Game


Appearance Money


Golf Inverted

Statistical Analytics


Swing Surgery

Fourteen Club Limit


Living With Indignity

Sober Advice

Sunday Pressure

The Humor of Golf

Defending The Links

Swing Science

Pregame Warm Up?

Youthful Wisdom

A Real Golfer


Military Protocol


Environmental Consideration

Dire Warning

Job Security

Golf Rules-Battle of Britain