The Golf Soul

On the obsession with score over quality of shots played.

“The man who regards golf as a matter of ‘card and pencil’ is not a golfer at all, for he has lost his soul in arithmetic, whereas the true golfer puts his soul into the game for the love of it, and not because it amounts to a mere matter of mathematics as he wends his way back to the club house.”

Henry Chellew (1927)

As quoted in C.B. Macdonald’s

Scotland’s Gift-Golf

4 thoughts on “The Golf Soul

  1. Once heard a golf pro in Pinehurst say that we all just hit 6 good shots each round. The difference between the pro and amateur is the quality of the those shots. So when you hit one pure, remember that it is one of the six!

    • I assume you have played the Cradle….is it as good as people say?
      We opened our version called The Loop in October and I have relocated my desk and land line from the SID to the Loop accordingly.
      Simply fantastic.

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