Youthful Wisdom

On a placid day on the west coast of Ireland, the wind was only going 25 mph steady, we were playing the Connemara Golf Club with a couple of 19 year olds as caddies.  As usual, good players, golf smart, very funny.

Five times in the first seven holes I seemed to ignore the obvious effect wind has on your putting when playing a links course and left very good efforts staring in the front door of the hole.  On the eighth hole I did it again, leaving a 25 footer at 24 feet 9 inches.

At that point, John, the college educated one on a golf scholarship at the University of Rhode Island, scratches his chin and says to me quite wryly, “Moe, there is a saying shared among the older caddies, ‘It is a rare day that the hole ever moves closer to your ball’ ”.

Nuff said.


Summer, 2002

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