Bad Temperament

Nothing in golf generates more of this than missing a three-footer.  Most famous for this was Terrible Tommy Bolt, of blessed memory.

A short one agonizingly awry (


“Tommy Bolt’s putter has spent more time in the air than Lindbergh.”

Jimmy Demaret

Another misguided club going for a swim   (


After missing a short one that cost him a few thousand Tommy paused to talk it over with the Lord.

“Me again, huh?”…He stood there, squinting upward and boiling…..”Why don’t you come down here and play me!….Come on, come on…….You and your kid too…..I’ll give you two a side and play your low ball!!”

Tommy Bolt

Tommy appealing to a higher order? (


Dan Jenkins speaking to the issue of putting and bad temperament on tour:

“When a pro starts watching fans in red shirts or ladies in short skirts or a passing jet overhead or the swallows going home to Capistrano his putter may be near the “crystallizing” point.

Here is another tour expression. When a putter crystallizes it breaks in half.  Hammering it against a tree trunk can speed up the process, needless to say.”

Dan Jenkins

Lockwrist and Cage Cases (1970)

3 thoughts on “Bad Temperament

  1. Watson missed many of short puttt’s and yes, Bolt was a hot head. But the most costly putt to my knowledge was Doug Sander’s in the 1970 British Open.

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