Golf Companionship

The main reason for the lure of golf has to do with a unique brand of companionship possible only to a psychological type that unites the little boy aching to be king with the sensible adult who knows he’ll never make it.

By providing every man with the visible proof that his partner is a failing show-off, golf reinforces one fo the great joys of friendship; it is all the more delicious for being secret, since the etiquette of golf requires that you keep it to yourself.

For the golfer compresses into a few hours all the emotions he spreads over the rest of his life: hope, envy, betrayal, self-discipline, self-deceit, the Holy Grail in view, the Grail smartly whipped out of sight.

You’re away, partner.

Alistair Cooke

Golf-The Marvelous Mania (2007)

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