3 thoughts on “Pregame Warm-Up?

  1. When I prepare for a round that has some meaning like a tournament or a money game, I prepare by hitting some balls and stretching out my muscles, I start off by hitting some shots with my 54 degree wedge, then go to my 8,6 and 5 irons, then a few #3 hybrids, then go to the Big gun my 8.5 Titleist driver then a few shots with the club I am going to use on the first shot of the day whether it be a driver or an iron shot. Then I go immediately to the chipping green hit a few flop shots, like the one I chipped in on you at the second hole on the Links, (do you remember) then i hit some shot putts around 5 feet and a few 25 or 30 footers for distance controll. After that IM ready to go after a trip to the locker room, On my way back I have a talk to myself and Now IM Ready For War.

  2. I did tell Steve O that you remember EVERY HOLE OF GOLF you ever played. I did not tell him you remembered EVERY PERSON you ever played. Oh well. My pregame is still the same. Thinly hit for fat chunk 5-6 sand wedges. Top a few short Irons. Dead Yank a few rescue clubs and finish with hitting 5-6 really giant bananas with the driver followed by a Marlboro.

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