Sandbagging……18 Excuses For Not Turning In A Score

  • I was playing with my wife.
  • I didn’t know the Course Rating.
  • I didn’t know the Slope Rating.
  • I was in another state.
  • I was playing in a match and picked up twice.
  • I only played 16 holes.
  • I just got lucky.
  • My club takes only home-course scores.
  • The tees weren’t really the blues and they weren’t really the whites so there was no course rating.
  • I was on vacation.
  • I don’t turn in scores from Myrtle Beach.
  • We were bumping the ball.
  • We played the back nine first.
  • I was using rental clubs.
  • It was my second 18 of the day.
  • The weather was bad.
  • It was Sunday and I was walking my dog.
  • My club won’t take scores from out of the section.
Or the reverse bagger………….
At age 70 in 2009, Bernie Madoff had a USGA Handicap Index of 9.8…….he had not posted a score since May of 2000………
What do you think his excuse was? I think he was too busy building pyramids……
Parts excerpted from Golf Digest Articles November 1987 and March 2009

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