4 thoughts on “Irish Greens

  1. I love this quote.

    I used to read the UK golf magazine Golf World religiously when I was growing up in West Cork, Ireland, in the 1970s, and between Peter Dobereiner and Henry Longhurst, I received a better education in English writing than any university could have provided.

    And as for American English, I had Joe E. Doan in Golf Monthly commenting on the “American Scene” – where players “fired 64s” and “slumped to a 69”. Great writers, fondly remembered.

    And by the way, as I look out the kitchen window of my little cottage in West Cork, it’s a perfect day for hanging the washing out to rinse.

    • Tony,

      Historically most golf magazines here in the states were pure drivel….just a collection of advertisements, bad swing tips, and travel destinations that were overhyped and underwhelming.

      Fortunately with the appearance of The Golfers Journal here in the U.S. and McKellar Magazine on your side of the ocean we finally have a celebration again of golf writing in the long form. McKellar has Tom Dunne and Lawrence Donegan at the helm and get serious help from the likes of John Huggan, Michael Clayton, John Strawn, Geoff Shackelford and many more. Photos are great as well. There is a photo of Waterville in Issue #5 that brings back great memories for me.

      Breath of fresh air!!!


      Moe Dweck

      • Hello Moe,

        I only buy Golf Digest or Golf Magazine once every 10 years now, if I have to wait for a tooth extraction, for example. As you say, nothing but ads and bad swing tips, and destinations, and who needs to pay money for that now when you can have it beamed into your sitting room 24/7 on the Golf Channel? Thank heaven for the mute button: it was the best invention ever.

        At least in the 1970s-90s, the magazines had plenty of data, like full scoreboard listings from each event, the money winners’ listings, and other statistics. There was an aura about the Tour that was conveyed through the magazines back then, but not anymore. I always found the small ads fascinating as well – all the gimmicks and gadgets by crackpot inventors working in their garages that were guaranteed to knock 30 shots off your score. One of whom turned out to be Karsten Solheim, of course.

        I’ll have to look into the Golfers Journal and McKeller Magazine. Thanks for the tip.

        It’s funny you mentioned Waterville: I was a member there for 2 years, back in 1980-81 when I was working in my first job after school, at a nearby weather station. What a place to play golf, and in those days it cost only £50 a year to be a member. On a rough day, it was like playing an assault course, and on a sunny day with the breeze blowing in from the sea it was like heaven on earth. No two shots were ever the same. The holes by the shoreline – #3, 4, 16, 17, and 18 – are magnificent and #11 (the par-5 through the tall sand dunes) and #12 (the par-3 over the hollow) are superb holes also.

        I hope you got to enjoy some Kerry hospitality while you were down there. You’re aware, I know, of how much they loved Payne Stewart, and of the times when he used to play the piano in the local hotel and regale the locals as well as Tiger, Mark O’Meara, et al. when they used to stop off there before the Open. They made him Honorary Captain and erected a statue of him after he died.

        Because of the connection to America going back to the laying of the first transatlantic cable, and the fact that America is literally the next parish if you head south-west from the clubhouse, I’ve always felt that Waterville has one foot in Ireland and one in the States. And of course, its founder, the late John A Mulcahy, made his money in America.

        Finally, I know you’ll love this article about Waterville’s pro, Liam Higgins, especially the bit about his first trip to America:


        Cheers, Tony.

      • Tony,
        I enjoyed the article thanks for sharing.

        Been to Ireland quite a number of times, by my count I have played about 25 links courses around the country. If you check out the “moegolf Course Reviews” link on the top right corner of the first page of the site it will lead you the courses I have reviewed. Waterville was a favorite among many favorites.


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