Escape To Kinloch

On an Indian summer day we played hookey from work to travel a couple of hours south and enjoy the stunning visuals and superb amenities of the Kinloch Golf Club just outside of Richmond.  This is the full metal private club experience with all the bells and whistles.

Clubhouse EntranceAt the front car park we were greeted by the staff with gracious attention we would experience all day.

Golf ShopWalking through the doors of the clubhouse you are struck by a comfortable informal atmosphere.  Wood paneled hallways are graced with golf memorabilia and evidence of member participation in the tournament plaques.  An attended locker room serves your every need and the attached bar/lounge has a wide selection of adult goodies for the festive apres round.  The golf shop touts the Kinloch logo without being overbearing.

Out The Golf Shop DoorStepping out of the golf shop you realize you are not in Kansas anymore.  Rolling out below your feet is the ginormous short game area leading to the driving range and first tee on either side of the grand golf preparation building across the grassy knoll.

RangeThese are not just target greens on the range, they are maintained to actual green specifications so they hold your shots.  The wide array promotes simulation of the type of shots you will hit through the day.

Practice Pitching AreaAcres of short game practice ground where you can immerse yourself in a full Dave Pelz stupor.  These members must have really adept short game skills.

Kinloch RunwayPrepare for take off……………….

#1 Par 4 Driving AreaThe view from the first runway….just over that rise a wild and pleasurable four hour flight is about to commence.

#6 Par 4 Landing AreaLooking down from the perched tee on #6 to the landing area before the environmental consideration.  You can appreciate the attention to detail that Lester George and Vinnie Giles put into this design.  Beyond the green is the loch that dominates the center of the property but really does not come into play until the last few holes.
#6 Approach

The 175 yard look up the hill from the landing area on #6 is far more abrupt than it appears from the tee.

#9 Par 5How about the composition of this image of the approach to the 9th green….this is one for your office wall.  (Click on the image to take in it’s full detail)

#9 Burial MoundNot sure what is under this little piece of Machu Picchu that sits adjacent to the landing area before the 9th green but it might be appropriate to say a few incantations on the way by.

Halfway HouseNext stop is the charming halfway house on the way to number 10.  Includes an outdoor grill full of your at the turn charcoal favorites.

Grilled P,P, & JLeave it to the creativity of their culinary experts to come up with a must try southern delight.  Yes this is a charcoal grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Melts in your mouth…and on your shirt if you are not careful.

#12 Par 4 ApproachThe variety of golf challenges is depicted in this uphill approach to the naked perched green on the par 4 12th.  This is ranked the second hardest hole on the inward side and this green complex is a good part of the reason.

#14 Par 3At 130 yards the 14th would appear a bit innocuous but it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing as the target is really small, influenced by the winds off the loch, and those bunkers the left are Titleist magnets.

#16 Par 4Standing on the tee at the 16th will make your knees tremble…you have to pick a landing area and commit to it fully.  (Click on the image to incur full trembling effect)

#16 GreenIf you are lucky they did not choose to hide the flag on 16 in the warden’s office …..there are no reprieves for an offline approach to this back left pin position.

#19 Par 3They even provide a Clint Eastwood “settle the score” 160 yard par 3 19th hole so there will be no kissing your sister at Kinloch.

The CrewThe truants are pictured under the watchful eye of the grill master…..Cuzin Jack, Leon, Zowl, Mish Moe, Pro Josh, and Cleveland….expressions reveal guilty as charged!!!

AllmansWhat off campus excursion would be complete without a proper banquet….Allman’s Pit Bar-B-Q in Fredericksburg did the trick.

CarlsThe whipped cream was provided by the original Carl’s just down the street.

(Click here for more photos and the full Kinloch Golf Club course review)

October, 2013

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