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Terp LogoIt has been reported in a recent Washington Post article that the powers that be at the University of Maryland are considering a really bad idea of plowing under the university’s golf course as part of a $100 million mixed used redevelopment project.

The University of Maryland Golf Course sits on 150 heavily wooded acres adjacent to the campus and is a popular destination for students and Maryland residents.  Testimony to this is the fact that the course hosts over 35,000 golf rounds a year.  It also provides full practice and teaching facilities for the community.  Recent renovation of the course has improved it’s standard considerably and it has hosted professional golf events as a result.

The redevelopment plans would include a direct off ramp from the Capital Beltway to the College Park Campus, a slew of new box retail stores, some faculty housing, and a new, more appetizing entrance to the campus.  That is what we need in College Park more box retailers and housing tracts.

Serious opposition to this misguided idea is being spearheaded by local state senators and residents of P.G. County who understand the value of this asset to the students and local residents.

A website has been established as a clearing house for information on plan at

If you share in the misgivings about this plan please write an e-mail to university president Dr. Wallace Loh to express your opposition.

Dr. Wallace Loh

If we don’t want this Terrapin to become extinct we have to speak up now before the developers have their way.

October, 2013



Rational minds have prevailed and the developer has abandoned plans for the redevelopment of the ground the University of Maryland Golf Course sits on.  Guess the grass roots movement was loud enough….

(Click to read the follow up article on this redevelopment plan)


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