Empowered Golf

It is always interesting to see an accomplished individual who you admire talk about life in the context of golf.  We understand that golf has a way of wrapping it’s arms around you like no other sport. It really does not give a hoot about your background, ethnicity, or social status before inviting you into it’s clutches.

In this Charlie Rose interview Condeleezza Rice, an accomplished educator, political advisor, and international diplomat, leaves no doubt hat she has been totally bitten by the golf bug and is thoroughly enjoying it.

Her recent obsession with the game is an obvious joy to her and a source of both physical exercise and mental release as it is for all of us.  Further she sees her association with it as an example of how golf can be a vehicle for young women to network with colleagues and promote advancement in their chosen fields of interest.

Take six minutes and enjoy a collegial golf rap with Condi……she has been a ground breaking force all her life and it does not look like she will abandon that role any time soon.

Click to view the Condi Interview With Charlie Rose

CBS This Morning

October, 2013

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