Sun Mountain H2No Ultralite Stand Bag

We have been discussing the “imminent arrival” of a waterproof ultralite walking bag for years with David Dorn, the head pro at our place, so I was floored the other day when I got an email from him telling me that “our bag” had arrived.   Apparently Double-D’s consistent pestering of Sun Mountain officials at the annual PGA Show had finally paid off.

Before I headed to Scotland this summer there was no indication in my searches on the web that it was even in production.  At that point the larger Sun Mountain H2No and the Titleist Stay Dry bags, both made by Sun Mountain, were the only ones available and they were substantially bigger than the smaller bags walkers prefer.

But here it is…… the Sun Mountain H2No Ultralite Stand Bag that the real walkers have been waiting for.   Hallelujah my brother… Crosby, Stills, and Nash used to say “It’s been a long time comin’…”

H2NoAt just over 4 pounds this is the Sun Mountain Swift-X or Titleist Ultralite Stand Bag fully waterproofed.  For any of the walkers out there who have owned these models this will feel right at home on your shoulder.

The Moegolf field tester found that the 8.5 inch 3-way top was more than adequate for the full family of Zuno irons and their Kasco and Rocketballz cousins.  The waterproof fabric is handsomely appointed without any of those self-serving marketing screen prints.   Waterproof sealed YKK zippers and fully sealed seams throughout keep all the contents dry.  The molded top handle is used every time you pick up or put down the bag and a nifty sewn in fabric handle at the bottom of the bag provides extra leverage getting it out of the boot of the Mini Cooper.  Plenty of pockets for stuff, the roller bottom mechanism makes the deployment of the stand simple, and it has the Sun Mountain E-Z fit dual strap system with the center hub for solid weight distribution.

No more drying all your stuff after getting caught in the summer afternoon thumpers in the east and no more compromising your walking effort for the sake of owning a waterproof bag.  That trip to Bandon Dunes, Ireland, or Scotland just got way more effortless.

H2No ColorsThe H2No Ultralite comes in four tasteful color combinations-white/gray/gold, white/black/red, lime/white/black (for leprechauns and Celtic fans), and black and it sells for around $230 on the net.

I will never say that this is the last bag you will ever own but I will say that this is the one you have been waiting for.  The H2No Ultralite is going to be a killer seller for Sun Mountain until the rest of the bag makers can catch up with a light weight waterproof offering of their own.

September, 2013

Field Review Update:  Took the bag out for an 18-hole walking squish today in a driving Irish Mist and got fine performance results.  The wallet, the wool head cover, and the rest of the stuff embedded in the sealed waterproof compartments stayed dry and toasty.  The rain cover worked to perfection keeping intruding raindrops from running down the grips.  This confirms the 5-tee moe rating on this lightweight waterproof walking bag.

October, 2013


3 thoughts on “Sun Mountain H2No Ultralite Stand Bag

  1. how do you get one without the h2n0 junk on the side?
    also the swift being shown looks different than the untralites i’m seeing on golfsmith and other sites that seem more structured.(the one on your site looks collapsible – excellent for carrying!)
    are they making more than one style of ultralite?

    gratias – texascut

    • Peter,

      I think much of the photography being shown on the net is old stuff. One site I looked at had the color combinations and the
      specs right for the new bag but the photo was wrong. Maybe Sun Mountain did not get the new photos
      to these guys yet. The pro at our place ordered them early and we got some of the first one’s out. It is much cooler
      looking without all the screen printing. The H2No Ultralite is less structured than the old H2No-it weighs less as well.

      The new one is exactly what is depicted in the photos of this posting-I took the photos myself from the new inventory
      we received. The four colors it comes in are depicted.

      I used it in the rain over the weekend and the bag is awesome, not a thing inside got damp at all.



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