Sight Of Hand

It’s the silly season so here is a gripping question to ponder.

When we watch the golf broadcast and Terry Gannon tells you that Spieth is hitting 7-iron from 180 it is because their on-the-ground announcer got a hand signal from the caddy of the player providing the cue. Feherty explained these signals in one of his shows.

So the question is are the other caddies in the group stealing the signs? If your playing partner is 20 yards across the fairway and your caddy can tell you what he is hitting there is real value in that.

So what about the ethics of this borderline practice?

I know you are going to say the caddy can always look in the other guy’s bag on the tee
of the par three and see what is missing. But this is like having Clark Kent on the bag. I believe it is against the rules to seek the advice of a competitor or his caddie as to what club he is hitting.

What guys will do to exact an advantage. Is there a golf equivalent to the brush back retaliation pitch?

September, 2013

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