Postcard From Bandon Trails-Day 2

Today was Coore-Crenshaw Day for the Motley’s as we ventured to this stunning Pine Barrens accented creation on the rugged hills and sand dunes of Bandon.  The course meanders through sandy dunes, green meadows, and pine forests getting it’s unique character from the blend of these environments.  Coore-Crenshaw integrated links elements like blowout bunkers, nasty gorse, and natural green settings with the challenge of dramatically mounded fairways and mind boggling elevation changes to create a golf challenge with a racing pulse.

Stone Monuments In Bandon Lodge       (photo courtesy of M. Levine)
Our days begin with a ritual incantation touching the stones and praying for pars and birdies.

On this glorious day the popcorn sky over the tree tops that frame every hole.

Pine Barren look mixed with links random bunkering demands clear decision making.

Dramatic elevation change, fierce bunkering, and a three story green challenge.

Matriculation Benches-chance to catch a breath and ponder your fate.

Natural Green Settings-they just extracted the terrarium features to surround them with bother.

Huge Elevation Changes-make club and shot selection a real challenge.

Plodding down the trail down to the landing area with the drift wood fencing marking
the way.

Stump Flower Pot-exhibits indigenous vegetation that defines the environment of this course.

Arduous march toward home up a six story par five.

The Full Monty-one last par three with everything but the kitchen sink.

August, 2012

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1 thought on “Postcard From Bandon Trails-Day 2

  1. Spectacular elevation changes. I am starting my diet tomorrow so I am in full billy goat shape. Have to drop 30 before I take this venue on 8/2013. Enjoy every second of your journey.

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