Postcard From Bandon Dunes-Day 1

First impressions of Bandon Dunes on a sunny and windy day on the Oregon coast.  An authentic walking links without pretension.  Bandon encompasses the complete natural look and feel of the coastal elements with a touch of wind to add some uncertainty.  Plenty of unexpected bounces to accept and unrelenting hazards to avoid.  Links golf is about acceptance, patience, and perseverance.  For a links afficianados, Bandon Dunes is the real deal.

The Clubhouse-staging and viewing area

Practice Center-Shorty’s Signal-this side of the range is closed today.

The Jaw Dropping Vistas

Pretty As A Painting-with all the seaside elements-furry mounds, sod-wall bunker, sea grass, and wind exposure.

Still Life With Rake

Drift Wood-from Hawaii?

Dwarf pines and gorse accent the links.

Misdirection-How do you get to this flag on ten?

Simple Challenge-avoid the pot and hold it on the table top….and account for the wind influence.

A Reflective Shade Tree Moment

An Environmental Forced Carry-then negotiate the roller coaster green.

The Finish

The Motley Crew
Justin, Moe, Kathy, Marla, Alan, and Dave

August, 2012

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4 thoughts on “Postcard From Bandon Dunes-Day 1

  1. Hard to believe Bandon is in US–looks like Ireland or Scotland. Looks like heaven on earth. I love the smiles, the pics, and the postings. Enjoy ’cause life is too short! Seize the day(s).

    • Justin was awesome. He caddied for me and my wife for all four rounds and was “just right”. He would give the “effective yardage”
      and recommend the type of shot he thought would be effect and then leave it to the archer. Kathy really liked his approach-not heavy handed and very encouraging.

      I would recommend him highly as well.


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