Postcard From Bandon Preserve-Day 2

Part II of Coore-Crenshaw Day was a lovely stroll of the 13-hole, yes 13 holes, Bandon Preserve Par 3 Links Course.  All the links elements-dunes, fierce bunkers, wild greens, and, of course, the wind.  No designated tees but plenty of options on each hole to pick from.

The holes…pick the tee of your liking…lots of variety in each hole

It is a perfect place to let your hair down, unwind, and settle a few bets.  Bandon Preserve is a real diamond in the rough.  With short tracks like these in every town in America golf would be enjoyed by many, many more folks.

The Motley Crew up for the Srixon Neon Challenge

(Click on any picture to get an enhanced view of the image)

All the elements of a links hole…just shorter.

Sherpa guides point the way.

Assessing the scene of the crime.

Hide and seek on the flag.

Wind swept?

Big friendly groupings, a few bets, and some adult beverages.

A little Jack happiness.

And there is the ocean.

#13 the final stop.

August, 2012

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3 thoughts on “Postcard From Bandon Preserve-Day 2

  1. I hope more “Jack happiness” got in your mouth verses your shirt. Either that or Bandon brings out the drooling in you. However, that being said, I’m the one drooling at this point due to envy!

    • I think the facial expression is testimony to the fact that enough Jack got into my mouth and related systems. Strangely enough, after which my reading of the greens became nearly clairvoyant.

  2. I shall treasure the Jack Picture Forever! By The Way, Do People Date their Cousin’s There As Well????? (inside joke)

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