His Writing Is The Cure

“Tim, thank you very much.  When you rattled off that list of credits, you left out my cure for polio, but I’ll excuse you for that.  You got all those other things in there.”

Dan Jenkins response to Tim Finchem’s introduction and announcement that he would be only the fifth golf writer in history to be inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame.

Jenkins then concluded with:

“Thanks to all those people that called in with having nothing better to do.  I can’t wait until May 7th when you put some (indiscernible) on my shoulder and give me a saber.”

(Click here to read Bill Fields Golf Digest article “Honoring a Prose Pro”)

December, 2011

2 thoughts on “His Writing Is The Cure

    • Jim,

      I am a huge fan and have enjoyed all his stuff. The “Franchise Babe” is a fairly
      recent one on the LPGA tour. Far from politically correct but, as he is apt to be, pretty correct.


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