TaylorMade Introduces Rocketballz…….Seriously!!

The golf world is a twitter with the buzz created by the TaylorMade’s introduction of their new line of metal woods, hybrids, and irons for Spring 2012 called “Rocketballz”. They claim these clubs are engineered to provide “the first significant innovation in relation to COR (coefficient of restitution) ball speed since the introduction of steel construction to fairway club in the 1980’s”. Apparently, according to the pros who have demoed these puppies, the ball rockets off the club face like an X-15 in heat. So they get their name.

The double, triple, and quadruple entendres are already percolating across the golf media in relation to the introduction of this name. It took some real kishkas for the TaylorMade higher ups to “support” this moniker for their new line of clubs. But it is clear to me it did not take sophisticated focus groups to know who they are selling these things to……men….big, burly men who have no shame about flaunting their wares.

Taylor Made Rocketballz Driver

Men will not only embrace this name but they will brag on it. When a guy cranks one out there about 270 and one of his admiring buddies pipes in “Wow Joe, what you got there?”, he will proudly bellow without hesitation “Rocketballz”. It will be in the mind of the beholder to determine what piece of equipment he is referring to.

The marketing of this line has endless possibilities. I personally think John Cleese should spearhead this campaign in a dark coat and an oversized fedora playing the role of the “TaylorMade mohel” consecrating these new implements. The rumor has not been confirmed but I believe that these can be bought with circumcised or uncircumcised head covers.

Mark my words, there will be billboards this spring with Dustin Johnson proudly brandishing the “RBZ” belt buckle with his stock white pants and royal blue Adidas shirt …..probably with a sultry Natalie Gulbis hanging on his arm.

The TaylorMade guys are no dummies-sexual imagery sells. I see cross marketing possibilities-commercials with a couple of 17 degree hybrids sheepishly sticking out of the Cialis bath tubs basking in the setting sun.

December, 2011

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