Recommended Reading

There are shelves and shelves of golf books in the virtual library on the cloud for you to enjoy and savor. Here are reviews of a select group of readings on our favorite subject worth your time to take on an airplane or stretch across your lap or coffee table at home.


Dream Golf-The Making of Bandon Dunes       Stephen Goodwin

Grounds For Golf         Geoff Shackelford

Sand and Golf-How Terrain Shapes The Game       George Waters

The Golden Age of Golf Course Design       Geoff Shackelford

Creating Old Macdonald


Out Of The Rough        Steve Williams

Collective Writings

The Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate         Dan Jenkins

Unplayable Lies            Dan Jenkins

Game Improvement

Every Shot Counts        Mark Broadie

Golf Rules Illustrated     USGA

The Right Sticks           Tom Wishon

Unconscious Putting    Dave Stockton

Golf Courses

Emerald Gems             Laurence Lambrecht

Scotland-Where Golf Is Great      James Finegan

True Links                    George Peper/Malcom Campbell


The Magnificent Masters      Gil Capps


Missing Links              Rick Reilly


A Golfer’s Education   Darren Kilfara


Classic Golf                Walter Iooss

Lost Balls                   Charles Lindsay


Zen Golf: Mastering The Mental Game     Joseph Parent