Emerald Gems-Links of Ireland

Laurence Lambrecht is one of the most accomplished golf photographers out there and this book is a seminal work on fine collection of links courses in the Emerald Isle.  A coffee table book the size of your coffee table features images and descriptives of every one of the 47 links courses in Ireland.

The book organizes the courses by geographic sections of the country so you can get a good sense of proximity of each of the links offerings around the country.  Every course has a number of stunning photographs as well as an erudite descriptive of the course by a knowledgeable expert familiar with the course.  These supporting text entries are from the hands of people like Pat Ruddy, David Feherty, David Davies, Ivan Morris, and others and they really embrace and enhance the presentation of each course.

Besides being a nostalgic display book for your family room that you can thumb through from time to time, this would serve as a travel resource on links golf in Ireland.  This book along with James Finegan’s “Emerald Fairways and Foam-Flecked Seas” is all you need to plan a memorable golf trip with your buddies to Ireland.

You can buy the book from Larry Lambrecht’s website for around $90.  He also has a fine collection of related prints, calendars and note cards to choose from.

(Click to go to Larry Lambrecht’s website)

Emerald Gems-The Links of Ireland

Laurence Lambrecht  (2002)

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