Postcard From Sea Island

Sea Island Logo 2In 1926 Jay Coffin bought Sea Island and the Kings Retreat Plantation and began development of what would turn out to be one of the best high end Resort and Residence Communities in the southeast. The resort encompasses two properties-The Cloisters on Sea Island and The Lodge/Sea Island Golf Club on St. Simons Island on the southern coast of Georgia.

All the stuff you would expect is available-spa, fine dining, golf, tennis, fishing, riding, water sports, and more-delivered with top quality customer service and an engaging smile. This is a place where you can toss the car keys in your carry on and let the concierge and the hotel’s provided transport services take care of your whims and desires for the length of your stay.

Cloister FireplaceThe décor in main hotel building at the Cloisters is grand but comfortable
Cloister Condo 1

Our Cloister Beach accommodation

Cloister Beach RoomRoom to stretch out
Cloister Beachfront 2Even a semi-private beach just out the back door

Lodge Club House10 minutes ride to The Lodge/Sea Island Golf Club
Moss TreeSits on the old Kings Retreat Plantation in an atmosphere of classic southern charm
Retreat Hospital SignRemnants of it’s past
Retreat Hospital
Lodge Lobby 1

Like it’s sister property the décor in The Lodge sets a tone
General Dog LampEclectic furnishing collection includes this …..
Colt and Alison 1Colt and Alison Steakhouse celebrates the Golden Era
Golf Shop Memorabilia 1More memorabilia collection outside the pro shop
Oak Tavern Relief 1Even a period relief in the Oak Tavern

Old Glory 1Scale on the course matches the accommodations

WickerThe wicker tops on the Seaside Course and practice green add traditional charm

Range Crate 1

Kitchy range ball crates….

Nike Performance CenterFull Nike Performance and Teaching facility

Pitching Area 1The bunkers on the course are just as noticeable

Plant 17 Par 4Rees Jones renovation of the Plantation Course is a severe parkland test

Seaside 13 Par 4 ApproachSeaside Course is a Fazio marsh land layout with a whimsical feel

St Simons Pier Villiage Sign 2Off campus exploring the quaint village of St. Simons

St. Simons Lighthouse 3Not sure this was there when the Spanish war ships showed up…….

St Simons Mini GolfBut it now overlooks the signature 16th hole…how appropriate

St Simons Park Sign

A relaxing place to walk or sit and read the paper

St Simons ParkOr stage a family cook out or picnic

St Simons PeerGrab a pole and try to outsmart a fish

St Simons SweetsFull service: Homemade ice cream, candy, and treats

St Simons Sweets Interior 2They were not kidding

Sea Island Market SignEvery afternoon we chilled with refreshing brewed iced coffee at the Sea Island Market

Sea Island Market Interior

And a whole lot more…..

Sea Island is a perfect place to gather for family fun or just sneak away to recharge your batteries with the spouse.

April, 2015

(Click to see the Sea Island-Seaside Course Review)


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