Protect The Practice Grounds

A reminder from the guys @College_Golfers….whether you are grinding away with your mid-irons on the range or refining your finesse pitching at the short game area you want to minimize your divot footprint by following the straight line practice protocol on the left.

Proper Range Divots

For each subsequent shot place your ball one inch behind your previous divot. It will eliminate divot scatter and make a huge difference to the long term maintenance of your practice grounds.

College Golf@College_Golfers

March, 2015

2 thoughts on “Protect The Practice Grounds

  1. This is very informative and akin to teaching folks how to correctly fix ball marks on the green. Unfortunately, my club has another effective way…they restrict our access to the grass and keep us on the mats except for a select number of days….opening, member guest, major tournament days etc…frustrating

    • I find that as hideous this behavior is on grass ranges it is more obnoxious on short game facilities. You see some guy
      out with his sand wedge and a vision of Mickey in his mind taking up pieces of turf the size of toupees for fifteen minutes.
      When done they just walk away without a thought of replacing a divot and the area looks like an abandoned coal mine in West Virginia.
      Teaching good manners is hard stuff….just ask Emily Post.

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