Throwing Caution To The Wind

In case you missed it on Friday Rory McIlroy, the current #1 in the World Golf Rankings, let his temper get the best of him on the 8th at Doral after hitting his 3-iron approach into the drink and flung the disobedient implement a good 75 yards into the water next to him.

Rory wasn’t entirely enamored with his play on Friday at Doral

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To his own admission, it wasn’t his proudest moment, but it felt good at the time. Henrik Stenson, his playing pard and a man known to display a personal anger tempest from time-to-time said, “Well, if you can’t get on ‘SportsCenter with your play, at least you can do it with something else”.

As far as being a bad role model with this show of temper, let the record show it did not take very long. Marcel Siem, a fellow European Tour stand out, replicated the act on Saturday after stuffing his long iron in a green side bunker on the same hole. Rory may have to anchor a public relations campaign against helicoptering long irons to tamp down a brush fire among young Rory-ites..

Take a look at Bob Harig’s article on the affair which includes full video of the fling as well as Rory’s version of contrition in his post game press conference on Friday.

BTW, as Bobby Knight, a man who knows from where this comes, said in his interview with David Feherty a while back when asked about the proper form for flinging metal objects, it is all about getting to your left side on the follow through. You will note that the true athlete in Rory came through in his fling form, there is not a hint of a duck hook in the flight of the iron.

Good news is a diver was back in the pond yesterday to retrieve the club and it seems to have survived the swim with it’s dignity in tact. Only question is whether this 3-iron now shows up on EBay or in a glass case at Doral for the sake of recollection.

(Click to read Bob Harig’s article about Rory’s Frustrated Fling)

March, 2015

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