Postcard From Palm Desert-Desert Willow Firecliff

Desert Willow LogoDesert Willow is one of the many Garden of Eden’s in the Palm Desert community but I must say it exceeded our expectation in it’s elaborate presentation of desert flora. We are talking an array of plant species straight from a Dr. Seuss tale.  Right from the drive up to the final green setting every detail of landscape architecture has been given due process.

Clubhouse SideThe walk up to the golf shop sets the tone…

John Cook FirecliffChampion Tour player John Cook collaborated on this Hurzdan design……

The Little Lady and Long BallThe Little Lady and Long Ball before the action in the prep area

Frost Delay CrowdFairly unusual in the desert but a frost delay created an aimless collection of golfers relentlessly checking their email

Click on any photo for an enhanced look at the image

DWF #1 SurroundsThe first tee pager went off summoning us this oasis to begin the trek

DWF #1Look down the first fairway off the tee-they provide a sight alignment assistance device

DWF #2 Mountain BehindStep on the tee at the second and there is a mountain range growing in the background

DWF #3 Waste AreaA desert flora interludes….first of many…..

Desert FloraDetail…detail…detail….

Purple CactusPurple Pricklies and Ham…..

DWF Cholla 2Don’t get two close to the Jumpin’ Cholla or you can get stuck!

DWF #4 Par 4 GreenDesert accent behind the difficult fourth’s green

DWF #8 Green 1First of two visits to the Blue Lagoon at the Par 3 8th

DWF #8 LagoonThe lagoon behind is just missing Gilligan, Ginger, and The Professor

DWF #9 Par 4 ApproachRouting of 9 and 18 is clubhouse centric….quite an impressive stature

DWF #12 Par 4 TeeOne of many scenic tee views..from the 12th tee you could swear you are looking
at a green setting on Maui

DWF #13 Par 5 TeeThe look up the Par 5 13th brings to mind thoughts of Pine Valley

DWF #14 Par 3 2How about the amphitheater setting on the 14th….thumbs up or down on your tee shot on this Par 3

DWF #17 Par 3 2

Return to the Blue Lagoon for another go

Blue Lagoon From 17

One more look for the crew of SS Minnow

DWF #18 Par 5 MoeLooking down the formidable 18th….

Moshe on 18Moshe separating the seas

Heavens at FirecliffThe biblical decree delivered

DWF #18 Par 5 approach


Arrival at the promised land

The TroopsLong Ball, The Little Lady, and The Mish regroup……

For more course detail click to see the Desert Willow-Firecliff Course Review

December, 2014


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