Northern Scotland Day 7: Carnoustie Golf Links

Carnoustie_logoMention the word Carnoustie and it will strike fear in the heart of any Frenchman within earshot.  Truth is the last five holes course would strike fear in the heart of any person living or dead except for Ben Hogan and Gary Player who both won an Open Championship here in convincing style.

It may seem like self-flagelation but this course is an experience that any player with a sense of British Rota History must experience….if only once.

Carn Golf HotelThe majesty of the Carnoustie Golf Hotel and it’s veranda overlook the golf activities.

Carn Golf ShopAt last a proper golf shop in Scotland…..your Master Card could be in serious jeopardy here.

Guys ChillinExhausted from shopping the boys are chillin’ awaiting their date with destiny.

Irn-BruThe non-alcoholoic national drink of Scotland….tastes to the unsophisticated palate like melted bubble gum.

Carn Warning SignNot near enough people who are playing pay heed to this warning.

Carn 3It is suggested that Carnoustie is built on the flattest piece of links land in all of Scotland.  This may be true but Jockie’s Burn and the infinity edge green side bunkers on number three provide real meaning to the term close shaves.

Jockies BurnJockies is a proper Scottish burn.

Pitching at CarnoustieThe ground game……third and one on the eight…..                     (photo: j. polsky)

Carn 5 GreenAt 56 yards deep the putting surface on five just goes on and on and on……there is another half acre of green above the bunker!

Tee Utility ComplexThese tee box units are the height of function…trash bin, ball washer, pin position map, bag stand, and yardage indicator all in one.

Carn 6 Tee MarkerLet there be no doubt you have reached at ‘Hogan’s Alley’.

Carn 6 Hogan PlaqueThe full story for the uniformed.

Rusty Bunkered #6Just another chiropractic bunker shot for Heir Rusty on the other end of the ‘Alley’.

Carn 8Short Par 3’s like number eight are extremely tricky in the winds.  Besides the obvious there is OB left and long which can ka-ching your scorecard.

Siamese Twin Bunkers 8Here is a better view of the creative Siamese bunker configuration shadowing the right front in the image above.

SpectaclesThe beginning of the harrowing fabulous five provides a real eye opener in the Spectacle Bunkers you must traverse on your approach shots.  These two are a high rise sheep condo development if I have ever seen one.

Rusty Spectacle BunkerNo this image was not Photoshopped for effect….good news is that Heir Rusty managed to clear the wall on the “low” side….bad news is the green is not in that direction.

Carn 16 GreenHalf way through the fabulous five you have the 240 yard Par 3 sixteenth.  Beside massive doses of sand, long grass, and gorse this green has serious shoulders that repel even the most delicate approaches.

Car 18 ApproachAlas the end.  All the revelers at Calders Bar taking in the carnage.

John V Carn 18Speaking of carnage, here is the green keeper’s memorialization of the site of John V.’s infamous debacle.

John V Carn 18 Approach

And the crazy Fenchman thought he could clear this wall from a half submerged lie in the burn?

The CrewAll smiles….George, Moe Mish, Billy B, and Trevor…. proves the human capacity for willful suspension of disbelief.

Simpsons Golf Shop Carn 16The village of Carnoustie….close proximity of Simpsons Golf Shop to the sixteenth green.

Simpsons Golf ShopA throw back to Carnoustie of old.

Simpsons Golf Shop InsideSpiral staircase, relic putting area, prints and memorabilia, and a ceiling full of bag tags from all over the planet.

Simpsons Ceiling Bag TagsThis collection is up close and personal.

WhistkeyTerritorial guard dog, Whiskey will retrieve your wayward putting efforts with the vintage 1920 Simpson Wood Putter.

Corner Hotel When the golf is done the Corner Hotel is a great place to kick back and enjoy a scrumptious meal in Carnoustie.  It is in the center of town and a five minute walk from the golf course and Carnoustie Golf Hotel.  All the ingredients are fresh and the food is prepared to order by the owner/proprieters. Everything we had was just delightful…..don’t miss the waffle and ice cream dessert if it is on the menu the night you are there.  Here is their website if you want to check out the menu:

For more detail click to see the Carnoustie Golf Links Review

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July, 2013

1 thought on “Northern Scotland Day 7: Carnoustie Golf Links

  1. Excellent

    You have captured the essence of Carnoustie

    So glad you and your fellow golfers enjoyed the wonderful challenges our beautiful links offers

    Haste ye back

    Bill Thompson
    Carnoustie Golf Club & Links Director

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