Northern Scotland-Day 1: Moray Golf Club

Moray Golf Club LogoOur eight day tour of the north of Scotland began in the seaside town of Lossiemouth at a little known Old Tom Morris creation called the Moray Golf Club.  This is a simple links in wending among low dunes covered in gorse and heather.  A nice walk over firm and rumpled seaside turf with serious encroachment from an RAF Air Force base looking over your shoulder.  It has been a long hot summer and brown is definitely the new green.

Moray Clubhouse.jpgThe modest clubhouse perched above the 18th looks down on the shoreline below

Commemorattive Sundail.jpgCommemorative sundial honors the memory of locals who served in the Great War

Christmas Reindeer In July.jpgA little Christmas in July

Moray Landscape.jpgThe full panorama of the links from the hilltop vantage point of the clubhouse

John Murray Golf Shop.jpgThe John Murray Golf Shop sets an understated tone you feel throughout

Aaron and MichaelOur tour guides for the day…Michael and Aaron…wiser than their years

Moray 8th Runway Lights

The ever present reminder of the jet traffic above

Moray 12 greenManaging difficulty amongst the nooks and crannies

Moray 18The final act plays out in an amphitheater setting below the clubhouse

Sundial and Sundown.jpgChillin’ out as the sundail’s work is done

(Click here to follow our trail to Day 2 at Brora Golf Club in the Scottish Highlands)

For more detail click to see the Moray Golf Club Review

July, 2013

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