The Magical Mystery Tour

Keepers Mag Mystery Tour LogoIn our annual Kolor War team competition The Keepers rekindled fractured memories of their youth with a theme that was a tribute to the Fab Four.  Twenty-four guys on four teams stepped right up and made a reservation contesting three different formats over 27 holes as the Magical Mystery Tour came to take them away.

Hats and AccessoriesGetting up early to dance to a song that was a hit before their mother’s were born there were lots of foolish grins, heads in the clouds, dressing to the nines like Lucy in the sky.

In the morning Two-Man Alternate Shot some said stop but the Penny Laners said go-go-go establishing an early six point lead.  Available points doubled for the second nine and the same pairings played a parallel best low ball/best second ball affair. The Laners thought they were the rich men kept their money in a big brown bag and the Strawberry Fielders and Walruses at bay.  A four point lead was all that separated them before the break for burgers and dogs on the veranda.
LunchingWe have a high percentage of single digit eaters in our group.

The BrowniesBut beneath the blue suburban skies, possibly inspired by the traditional brownies, the Fielders and the Fools shaved another customer in the afternoon singles Almost Skins format. Each foursome was grouped by handicap index with a representative from every team playing each hole for 7-5-3 or 1 point depending on the lowest net scores.

CalculatingAs the groups came in the milling, bragging, and figuring lasted until the last putt fell and , in the end, it was a mere seven points that separated the Strawberry Fielders from the Fools On The Hill.   No goo-goo-goo-joob for the Walruses, who apparently were in fact the eggmen, taking third twelve points back.

The WinnersAs pointed out, satisfaction was guaranteed by (from the right) Sky King,
Stewie the Smirk, Going Down Sol, Vente Stig, The Lurking Ron, and Short Order Bob

Final ScoreboardA full audit revealed there were not enough chads to get hung about and the Strawberry Fielders showed there is nothing you can do that can’t be done….nothing you can make that can’t be made… one you can save that can’t be saved (with a good short game)……love is all you need.

It was Strawberry Fields forever.

July 2013

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