SMGA/Wounded Warriors Outing

A beautiful June afternoon for a picnic with friends and a little golf….The Keepers and SMGA/Wounded Warriors shared this great experience at our annual Wounded Warriors Outing at Woodmont Country Club.  Keeper guys and their wives hosted 15 Wounded Warriors and a pair of very cute service dogs to some golf instruction, lunchin’ on the lawn, a round of golf, and after game cocktails, veggies, and big fish stories.

Wounded Warriors Outing 2013The entire crew…including Tucker and Gunner….

Billy and Zach
Getting to know you…getting to know something about you….

Warrior HugsOld SMGA friends reunite……….

Richard North
On the way to the range……

Putting Conversation
Anchored, belly, or conventional putters…the debate goes on….

Bernadette and Brice Instruction
Some professional attention…….

Chris Bowers Driving
Letting it rip……

Dueling Drivers
Long drive competition

Steve and Gunner
Pre-game chillin…….

Tucker Serving
Now that is dedicated service………

Tucker-The Tongue
It is all about extension……..

Zach Shaun and Stephanie
Some pre-game conversation

Kathy and Tucker 2
On course reaction………

Sol and Vincent
Keeper and Warrior buds…….

Sol and Vincent Wrestlin
Apparently they could not agree on the putting line……

The Ladies Lunchin
And then it all came down to eating and carousing with friends…..

With the help of the Salute Military Golfers Association our members have an opportunity to spend the day getting to know these men and women who have given so much to protect the freedoms we enjoy.  Their courage and perseverance in facing the challenges their service has presented is something special indeed.  Playing a little golf, sharing some personal time,  and getting to know these American heroes was an honor and a pleasure for all who participated.

(Click to read more about how you can help those who help military families)

(All photos courtesy of Rita Mhley)

June, 2013

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