50 in 50…..Well Done!

50 in 50 logoIf you have been following this blog you know of the ambitious and crazy goal of Tyler Dunmyer, a high school junior at Quince Orchard High School, of playing 50 Courses in 50 Days as part of a fund raising project for Junior Achievement.  When he told me of this idea in early April I just shook my head thinking he will either run out of golf balls, good weather, or patience because playing 50 top line courses in the Washington, D.C. area in about six weeks is a drive and a three iron beyond rational.

Tyler and Moe under the Woodmont Timex..rounds 34 and 35

Tyler and Moe under the Woodmont Timex..rounds 35 and 36

As you can see in the photo below of Tyler made it all the way to the finish line, still standing up, for his 50th round with Miguel Angel Carballo at the Web.com  Mid-Atlantic Championships Pro-Am at Avenel Farm just after Memorial Day.

The End.. #50 with Miguel Angel Carballo at Avenel Farm

The End.. #50 with Miguel Angel Carballo at Avenel Farm

You can read Tyler’s description of his exploits, all 50 rounds, at his blog site below. He played em all from the tips, he is a glutton for punishment, taking in public courses, fee courses, and some of the best private courses in the Washington-Metro area along the way.  As you can see from his writings this was way more than just about golf, it was about meeting people, enjoying the special surroundings only golf can provide, and raising money for a good cause.

(Click here to read Tyler’s full accounting of 50 in 50 in his Blog postings)

The main beneficiary of Tyler’s gargantuan effort was his charity of choice Junior Achievement.  If you would like to contribute a little something in support of his effort click the link below for the Mid-Atlantic/Junior Achievement donation page for Tyler.

(Click to donate any amount through the “Donation” button at the bottom of the screen)

This goes to prove that we should not doubt youth.  When youthful exuberance is coupled with some mature ambition it can result in unprecedented achievement.

June, 2013

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