Feherty Flies The Friendly Skies

We all know of David Feherty’s love for America and the men and women of the military who protect the freedoms of the country that has so graciously taken in his huddled mass.

Folds Of Honor LogoLesser known to some of us is the good work of Major Dan Rooney and the Folds of Honor Foundation who have raised serious money to support the families of brave service men and women who have died serving our country through providing post secondary scholarships for their spouses and children.

Putting the two of these guys together, in the cockpit of a F-16 at 20,000 feet and mach-who-knows-what is a marriage made in heaven. The attached article by Feherty from the Folds of Honor Foundation’s Patriot Magazine recounts this experience in rib rattling detail.

In true Feherty form he describes the take-off as “Just like a rocket, the F-16’s violent vertical acceleration is impossible to describe, especially when you’re squealing like a Girl Scout in a pillow fight and wondering if your ass….is ever going to rejoin your lower intestines”.

Two great patriots, one new, one old, out for a joy ride in the friendly skies.

(Click to read Feherty’s “Reaching Great Heights” from Patriot Magazine)

Patriot Magazine

Folds of Honor Foundation

May, 2013

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