Pay Back

Colt Knost flew in some rarified air for an amateur in 2007 when he won three USGA titles in the same year- the U.S. Amateur, the U.S. Public Links, and was a member of the victorious Walker Cup Team.  Only the immortal Bobby Jones and the great Jay Sigel had done this before him.

Jason Sobel of the Golf Channel reports that to commemorate this accomplishment the USGA asked Knost to donate one of his clubs that helped him win those three titles.  Maybe with his sardonic tongue planted firmly against his cheek Colt volunteered to donate his Scotty Cameron belly putter to put on display in the USGA Golf House.

A live shot.  This puppy looks like it can still do some damage.

A live shot. …..this puppy looks like it can still do some damage.

Now you cynics out there will say Colt is taking a shot at the recent USGA and R & A ruling that bans the use of these formerly legal putting implements.  But from where I sit this is just a reverse case of Paying Forward… is called Paying Backward…..just a man with a philanthropic heart and a point to make.

Personally I can’t wait to read the inscription the USGA puts on the plaque under this piece of memorabilia.

May, 2013

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