Johnny Miller 360

As you can see from the images in this slideshow called “Johnny Miller Through The Years” Johnny always evoked confidence and style throughout his career.

From Brylcreem to full mop he looked and dressed the part for each era.  Bad news was sometimes his taste in clothing was halucious, good news was he had the body type to pull it off.

Deep down in side he was always a traditionalist.  He had great respect for guys like Arnold and Jack and the hallowed traditions of the game.   Just look at the putter he is holding in this picture.  As a friend of mine remarked, “It looks like he got it from Harry Vardon’s garage”.

One of the finest iron players to ever play the game, he practiced what he preached.  Compare some of these images to his theory on hitting good irons.  Review Johnny Miller’s “10 Rules for Sticking Your Irons”.

Enjoy a short jaunt through time…..Johnny Miller’s time… we know with Johnny he never fails to elicit a reaction.

(Click here to see Golf Digest’s “Johnny Miller Through The Years”)

Golf Digest


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