Johnny’s Iron Rules

(Photo by Joey Terrill)

No matter what you think of Johnny Miller you have to admit two things:

-The man could hit some irons in his day.  He literally was knocking down flagsticks when he was in his prime.

-He may be opinionated about player’s swing mechanics during the NBC golf broadcasts, but he is generally right in what he says.

So the attached article from Golf Digest called “Johnny’s 10 Rules For Sticking Your Irons” attracted my attention when I stumbled on it the other day on the web.

What I found most intriguing about his tips in the article is that they are not technical swing tips at all.  Only two of the ten are remotely about swing mechanics.  These are just practical suggestions on how you should mentally and physically approach iron play to get the most out of your game.  It is what I would call suggestions for “Good Swing Hygiene”.

Take five minutes and give this article a read.  I am sure there are a couple of things therein that will help you hit your irons more solidly and maybe, just maybe,  stick a few of them the next time you are out.

(Click here to read “Johnny’s 10 Rules For Sticking Your Irons”)

Golf Digest

January, 2009

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