Ballybunion-The Magnificent Irish Links

“Golf has attracted many fine writers, but none extols the game with more authority and affection than Herb Wind, or more successfully conveys its gracious, fickle, generous spirit to the printed page.”  These are John Updike’s words from the cover of the expanded edition of “Following Through- Herbert Warren Wind on Golf”.

To many, Herbert Warren Wind, who wrote eloquently about golf for over 50 years, was the greatest American golf writer of his era.  He coined the phrase “Amen Corner” to describe 11, 12, and 13 at Augusta, those pivotal three holes on the back nine that so often decide the fate of the leader in the Masters on Sunday.  He assisted Ben Hogan in writing on of the most influential golf instructional books of all time, “Five Lessons-The Modern Fundamentals of Golf”.  Wind built a resume of exceptional golf writings through his articles in The New Yorker and Sports Illustrated from 1941 until 1990.  His writings chronicled major tournaments, seminal matches,  revered golf courses, and the lives of the game’s greatest heroes.

Ben Crenshaw said, “Herbert Warren Wind has always been our foremost American Golf Writer.  For those continuing their search in their study of golf, “Following Through” is a must, as it contains some of his finest essays”.  One of those essays was his review of Ballybunion, one of Ireland’s most storied links courses.  In it he describes in wondrous detail the special character of this jewel on the west coast of Ireland and the unique charm of links golf to those who love golf.

(Click here to read Herbert Warren Wind’s “Ballybunion”)

Herbert Warren Wind

The New Yorker 1971


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