Rules Education

We have built the list below of commonly pondered golf rules to help you avoid ruling pitfalls that can cost you strokes on the course.  It is everyone’s job to know the rules of golf so you can “protect the field” when you play in competitions.

For a wonderful primer to answer all your golf rules conundrums you might want to own a copy of the USGA’s Golf Rules Illustrated … is a clear and concise golf rules resource.

****Just In….Here is a readable summary of the Proposed Changes in the Rules for 2016***

Click on the any of the italicized rule issues below to see the rule explanation.

Rule 2: Match Play

Stroke Play vs. Match Play

Rule 6: The Player

Signing and Attesting A Scorecard

Rule 7: Practice

Practice Shots During A Round

Rule 8: Advice Indicating Line of Play

Getting Information From Your Opponent

Touching The Line Of The Putt

Rule 10: Order Of Play

Order Of Play

Rule 11: The Teeing Ground

The Teeing Ground

Rule 12: Searching For and Identifying Ball

Identifying Buried Ball In The Bunker

Rule 13: Ball Played As It Lies

Grounding Your Club In A Hazard

Improving The Area Of Intended Swing

Improving Your Lie

Raking The Bunker Before Playing

Removing A White Boundary Stake

Things You May Do In A Hazard

Rule 14: Striking The Ball

Anchoring The Putter

Rule 15: Substituted Ball; Wrong Ball

Hitting The Wrong Ball

Rule 16: The Putting Green

Fixing Ball Marks On The Green

When You May Not Fix A Ball Mark On The Green

Repairing Imperfections In The Green

Two Balls In Motion On The Putting Green

Rule 17: The Flagstick

Attending The Flag On A Putt

Rule 18: Ball At Rest Moved

Ball At Rest Is Moved

Rule 19: Ball In Motion Deflected or Stopped

Ball In Motion Deflected or Stopped

Rule 20: Lifting, Dropping, and Placing; Playing From Wrong Place

Dropping and Re-Dropping

Marking and Lifting Your Ball On The Green

Marking An Opponents Ball

Rule 21: Cleaning Ball

Mud or Dirt On Ball

Rule 22: Ball Assisting or Interfering With Play

Balls Close Together In Bunker

Ball Interfering With Play

Rule 23: Loose Impediments

Removing Loose Impediments On The Green

Removing Loose Impediments Off The Green

Removing Loose Impediments Off The Green (Part II)

Rule 24: Obstructions

Ball Against Moveable Obstruction

Moveable Obstructions

Nearest Point of Relief

Taking Complete Relief

Temporary Immovable Obstructions

Rule 25: Abnormal Ground Conditions, Embedded Ball, and Wrong Putting Green

Abnormal Ground Conditions

Embedded Ball Relief

Playing Off The Wrong Green

Rule 26: Water Hazards

Relief From Lateral Water Hazards

Relief From Water Hazards

Rule 27: Ball Lost or Out of Bounds; Provisional Ball

OB, Lost Balls, and Provisional Balls

Rule 28: Ball Unplayable

Ball Unplayable



Bad Practices On The Golf Course

Drop Within One Or Two Club Lengths

Improving Pace Of Play

Practice Area Etiquette

Proper Divot Patterns On The Practice Grounds

Raking The Bunkers

Tee It Forward

Two Basic Principles Of Golf


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