moegolf Site Guide

There are a number of ways to easily find what you are looking for on the moegolf site.

First:  If there is a particular subject you are interested in put a key word like “McIlroy” in the search field at the top of the side bar and hit the enter key.  It will now retrieve all posts that have to do with Rory.  They appear on the screen in reverse chronological order-the most recent post at the top.

Second:  You can use the top menu bar to isolate posts by category.  Once you pick a category all the posts for that group will appear on the screen with the most recent post at the top.  In some cases there might be sub categories that will branch off the category you choose for more specific routing.

Here are the definitions of each category:

Second Cut– Moe’s reflections on current golf matters

On The Screws– Published golf articles of interest

Gallery– Memorable images and videos

Fairways and Greens– Articles about Golf Course Architecture and Design

Short Putts– Quotes worth pondering

Shanks– Humorous golf stuff (note that fact is often funnier than fiction so you have some of both here)

The Library– Recommended reading.  Books that should occupy shelf space in your golf library.

Pro Shop– Product and service reviews

Road Trips– Golf Course Reviews.  You will notice on this category there are subcategories of the courses by region around the country or around the world.  For example, it allows you to isolate the reviews of all the courses in the West Ireland area within the region of Ireland or New Jersey within the Northeast region of the U.S.

On the side bar under Odds and Ends you will see a link for the moegolf Course Review page.  This is an alphabetical listing of all the courses reviewed in Road Trips.  You can also access an individual course review from this moegolf Course Review page.

Starter’s Hut– About moegolf

Third:  Directories on the top of the sidebar provides a way to find specific postings within a category.  A way to unearth content of interest that might otherwise be buried.

moegolf Course Reviews-an alphabetical list of all the golf course reviews

Quotes and Grins– a listing of golf quotes from across the ages sorted by their author

Rules Education– interpretations of rules questions that happen every day

Moe-ligames-a descriptive list of golf games you and your buddies can play

moegolf Mobile-how to set up easy access to moegolf on your smart phone or tablet

Support Military Families-information on a couple of charities that support retired military personnel and their families.

Fourth: The rest of the side menu bar provides more ways to past posts and related links of interest.

Fresh Divots– This is a list of the most recent posts on moegolf.  Touch a name and it will go to that posting.

Moegolf on Facebook– This is a link to the moegolf Facebook page.  There are postings on our Facebook page that never make it to the main blog so check it out from time to time.  All new postings on the main blog are also posted on our Facebook page.  So if you “like” the moegolf Facebook page you will get notice on all the new postings from the main blog.

Old Ball Marks– Provides an archive path to all the old moegolf postings by month.  Just pick a month from the Old Ball Marks dropdown and all the postings for that month will populate the screen in reverse chronological order.

The Back Nine– Here is a list of links to other golf sites that I think might be of interest.  It includes sites that cover things that moegolf does not present like instruction or rules.  If the site is linked here it is probably one you should be aware of.

You can become an email subscriber to moegolf by clicking on that offer just below Odds and Ends.  You will get an email from us every time there is a new posting on the site.  If you subscribe you will always be in the moegolf know.

I encourage you to explore-there are lots of golf nuggets to unearth throughout the site.  Feel free to send us a comment on any post-we humbly reserve the right to embrace or ignore anything you write us.

To share this site with friends just tell them to type “” into the address area at the top of their browser.

1 thought on “moegolf Site Guide

  1. Moe, Your write up of WG&CC was very good and gives the essence of long time member’s feelings about the course. Thanks and I enjoyed playing a round of golf with you.

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