moegolf Mobile

You will be amazed at how easy it is to view moegolf on your iPhone or other Smart Phone.  All you need to do is bookmark the site on your mobile phone through your browser and you can review all the content of the site just like you are sitting at your PC.  The orientation of your phone actually sets up perfectly for viewing the site and the resolution makes it as readable as on your PC.

On your phone open your web browser and go up to the place where you can type in a website address.  Type in and hit the Go/Search button.

Your first view of the site will be as a Mobile Site…just scroll to the bottom and pick Full Site and you will be on the main screen of the website.  If you bookmark this it will save you going through this in the future to get to the site.  You can even put the bookmark on your home page of your phone for faster access.

When you first come in from the bookmark you will see the latest posts in chronological order.  You can use the menu under the top banner to get to the category of your choice and see all the posts within that category in chronological order.

It is as easy as that.  You can now have moegolf with you anywhere you go.  No need to read those ancient Golf Digest issues in the dentist’s office or look at your stock portfolio holdings over lunch for the eighth time today.  Instead check in to see the latest stuff moegolf has unearthed for your enjoyment.

Try moegolf Mobile……..this is the cutting edge with USGA compliant grooves!!!!

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