Phil Being Phil

As is usually the case, in this interview on The Clubhouse With Shane Bacon we get the Phil MIckelson unvarnished authoritative views on a range of subjects from the importance of the Majors to his enterprising made-for-TV matches with Tiger.

Shane Bacon, an experienced golf broadcaster who has been an unfortunate casualty of Fox’s decision to let go of it’s hold on the USGA TV broadcasts this year, does an expert job in staging this entertaining interview with one of the most knowledgeable and opinionated stars of the modern era. 

He starts right out of the gate with the question burning in every golf fan’s mind, how did Phil feel about being chosen by Alex Trebek and crew as the Final Jeopardy answer in a recent broadcast.  Phil was honored but his ego took a little hit when no contestant got the right answer.

Shane moves on to Phil’s view of the PGA Tour Champions where he is currently undefeated in his first two events and playing to a stroke average of 65.  He throws in a few good stories about his relationships with guys on both tours and some insight into his respect for and his evolving friendship with Tiger.

The most interesting part of the interview for me was Phil explaining why he is such an insightful commentator on live golf broadcasts when he has been invited up into the booth after his day’s play.  The detail with which he looks at the consideration of each shot challenge for the players is a function of his own preparation to play each week, but it is his ability to relate this in intelligible terms an average viewer can comprehend that makes him so interesting.

There are plenty of snippets in this hour long broadcast like his recuperative preparation of his Match III partner Charles Barkley swing, the relentless pursuit of driving distance on the PGA Tour, his most memorable Phil elevator shot, and his view on personal health and fitness as it relates to him remaining relevant for such a long time on the tour.

Phil is one of the most thoughtful and engaging golf personalities of his generation and this interview does nothing but enhance that view.  It is why so many people want to hear what he has to say and why it is worthwhile for you to click the link below to listen to his interview.

(Click to hear The Clubhouse With Shane Bacon Interview Of Phil Mickelson)

Phil Mickelson-Episode 162 (2020)

The Clubhouse With Shane Bacon Podcast


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