Phil’s Grill At Grayhawk

At the Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale everything is done first class.  Their two excellent golf courses which have hosted Tour events, the Peter Kostis Learning Center, and a Golf Shop replete with a robust selection of clothing and accessories from all the brands you care about all speak to this dedication to doing things the Grayhawk way.

In keeping with this tradition they created a warm and hamish bar and patio hangout that honors the club’s long standing connection with a favorite Arizona son, Phil Mickelson.  After a round you can drop in for your favorite adult beverage and some delectable bar treats.  From the patio you can enjoy a frustration of others on the 18th hole on the Raptor Course or spin a sailor’s tale about your day’s golf accomplishments.

But at some point you have to get out of that chair to take in the amazing collection of Lefty Memorabilia that adorns the walls of the bar area.  It includes everything from a persimmon driver Phil swung in high school to the flag from his Open Championship win at Muirfield and even an autographed wall commemorating his head-to-head challenge match with Tiger that was played at this venue in the fall of 2018.

Marketing of Phil’s Grill is right out their in front of you

It starts with local fare from appetizers to entrees….and it is all good eatin’

Phil’s early successes…remember he won a Tour event at Tucson as an amateur

A very early swing with Bones and Jack looking on at Augusta

His connection with the King goes way back-he won at Bay Hill in 1997

Fireside account of Phil’s 2004 Masters win-remember the gravity defying leap?

The Match-sort of pay-for-view presentation-between Tiger and Phil in 2018

All the paid supporters signed the commemorative wall for this event

Sweet family plaque of all his Tour wins…..and there have been more than a few

It is worth your time to make a stop at Phil’s Grill if you are in the neighborhood.  Whether it is for the food and drink or the Lefty memories, it will help complete your memorable Grayhawk golfing experience.

(Click to read about the Grayhawk Golf Club-Talon Course)

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