Postcard From North Berwick

Golf has been played at North Berwick for centuries but like a number of the small towns in East Lothian it is a unique place with a character all it’s own.  Today it is very much a suburban enclave for professional people who work in Edinburgh, the train connection which is under a half hour makes this an easy place to bring up a family in an environment with all the perks of a big city without the urban anxieties.

The West Links Golf Club dates back to 1832 and the place has all the attributes of a old school distinguished Scottish links.

North Berwick Clubhouse….handsome sandstone weathered to distinction

Clubhouse 2Trophy cases in the members bar glisten with pride

Bar Trophy CaseWood paneled member’s board room has tradition coming out of it’s pores

Board Room Fireplace (1)The original members lockers are incorporated into the decor

LockersList of the club Captains, as well as men’s and ladies champions, adorn the walls

Berwick CaptainsThere is no getting lost……

Directions to Golf ShopThe golf shop….a simple understated building for such a famous links

Golf ShopStarter’s Lodge is somewhat updated

Starters PlaceEven the weather vane has a themed message to it

Weather Vane (1)

There were volcanic eruptions in Scotland creating notable land forms

NB 11Lest you forget the course shares the shoreline beach with the locals

The BeachBass, Lamb, and Fidra rocks may be the most iconic visuals of North Berwick

The RocksThey lord over the links and present convenient aiming lines for the players

Bass Rock Through ReedsThe ghostly appearance of Bass Rock behind the 17th for example

NB 17 approach

Then there is the kitchy course…you got this approach shot in your bag?

NB 3 Wall Approach

North Berwick is so much more than the Old Links, it is a quaint country town.  First class hotel, inns, kitchy shops, new age restaurants, and all the fixins.

The Marine Hotel has lavished visitors with high end service for generations

Marine HotelIt sports a Children’s Pitch and Putt Course…you must be accompanied by a kid

Childrens Course 1The town bulletin board buys into the golf tradition of North Berwick

Community BoardThey do remember why many folks come and what they need

Golfers RestNarrow winding streets are full of local upscale shops and restaurants

Town StreetIt’s not without it’s rules, though apparently some don’t heed the promulgations

No ParkingLike a good family place all creatures are welcome and treated with dignity

Dog Friendly

Even those without house training are accommodated in the public square

Lighthouse with birdTrendy clothing that fits the young population’s vibe

FatfaceRestaurants for all tastes

Pauls Yard DeliNew age establishments….like Zitto’s Italian Wine Bar and Tapas

ZittoEven has an asymmetric new age business card

Zitto CardAs it should, in the end it all comes back to treats for all ages

GelatoNorth Berwick…come for the revered links golf..but take time to borrow a child and play the pitch and putt, stroll the town for some shopping and a gelato,  or make time for  a tasty piece of Scottish salmon or a fine plate of pasta.  North Berwick is a special place….take the time to enjoy all that this lovely community has to offer.

July, 2016

(Click to read the Moegolf North Berwick Golf Club course review)

4 thoughts on “Postcard From North Berwick

  1. You are great to share this with all of us. At my age it brings back fond memories of when I could do 36 holes a day in Scotland.

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