The Himalayas

It is not unusual in your travels around Scotland to stumble across a large crowd gathered at public putting green in the center of town. In many small towns and villages these are popular hang outs where old folks, kids, families, and friends can meet and greet or get together for a little afternoon competition.

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The most famous of them all is in the center of St. Andrews right next to the second tee on the Old Course across from the Old Course Hotel. It is called The Himalayas, a.k.a. The St. Andrews Ladies Putting Club, created as a private club back in 1867. It is open to the public daily for a nominal fee but still reserves select times during the week for the members.

Him SignOriginally laid out as a nine-hole Cleek and Putt Course by Old Tom Morris in 1867 on a rough piece of ground north of the Swilcan Burn it eventually grew to it’s massive size as more land was acquired and the course transitioned to putting only as the ground became smoother from all the play. The competitions date back to it’s origin and the ladies still maintain a regular Wednesday afternoon game for trophies and monthly medals and a Thursday morning Shotgun that can attract over 50 people.

The Clubhouse was built in the late 90’s

Him Clubhouse.

Sits conveniently across from the Road Hole and the Old Course Hotel

Him Old Course Hotel
People and best friends que up and pay a few quid to play this awesome venue

Him Dog Sign Up
A patron at the first of the more tame 9-hole Course

Him Kathy 1st
Putting in view of the whole town

Him Kathy Putting 1One serious transition to negotiate…..pick your flag

Him 2 FlagsAs close as could be managed on a 60-footer with 10 feet of break

Him Moe Putting
Attracting players of all sizes for a wee bit of afternoon fun…and no windmills or clown noses are needed

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It has taken a while but golf resorts in America are finally getting their arms around this idea and adding entertaining facilities like this for the enjoyment of their guests.  Bandon Dunes opened their version called The Punchbowl just last year.

July, 2016

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